Wanted To

is there a place we can go no one would ever know
disappear in the darkness
sit and talk we can move anything you can choose
long as we get out of here

there’s nothing to loose
what would you do
i choose the only thing i wanted to
oh you know i wanted to

every dream you drive me wild a street we ride for miles
in the morning i’ll miss you
anything that i’ve known you make all of it go
don’t care as long as you come back soon

i’ve been around this place enough i know below i know above
anything can happen
it’s all i gotta do to get to you nothing to loose
i’ll never make you choose the only thing you want

cause all our time spent trying to find a balance
as it all unwinds simple things become a challenge
for all that i try in seeing this through, i can’t change your mind
though I wanted you know i wanted to i’ve always wanted you