All You’re After

getting good at making things harder than i should
going wrong going going gone
i don’t want to complicate but i make short stories long
i don’t want to complicate but i can’t turn this off

anywhere i’m traveling the stations out of trains
and i can’t get in can’t get to you
leaving leave it alone
i don’t want hesitate cause i got something to show
i don’t want sit and wait cause I already know

all you’re after all it takes
cause you’re not afraid to try
to move a mountain to make the rain
to prove that you are right

catching on thought I could’ve caught on sooner to you
keeping open and untied just won’t get me through
i relied on nothing going wrong
but nothing ever happened collected cool and calm
nothing’s gonna happen if i don’t keep this turned on

singing all you’re gonna find
all you’re after all you try
another day will rise up and the sun still shines
just like it did before
to ride the wind are you just that good
or too afraid to prove you’re right