Feet And Bones

i look around and there’s nothing left
i’ll never leave my last breath
while the feet and the bones of my body do their best
won’t hold on to my last breath

easy optimistic we have the wind at our back
can keep it all inside we don’t ever have to keep track
count on tomorrow to bring better weather
everyday all your life
leave it up to some one else or just leave it all inside

careful and we’re cautious we never let it get that close
heard of holding out for the right time but we hold on more than most
to the future
to the forecast
and the rest of your life
they claim it gets better
so hold out forever and just keep it all inside

i stood at a stop light and waited for hours
for a spirit to move me nothing ever came
if it’s the greatest mistake that i make i’m gonna own it
cause i wont hold on to it this time the same
cause who’s got time to wait for the weather to change
hide my tricks up my sleeve i would not be too cautious to give what you’ve got the feet and the bones of your body do their best
gonna breathe out ‘till there’s nothing else left
won’t hold on
i won’t hold on to my last breath