Automatic Everything

past automatic everything america provides me
drop me outside of town this time please i can walk
sticking to your guns gets you nothing but the same fun
and they’re always talking the talk
i’d rather take the long way and find what’s to change

where all our ambition won’t let us down
all the things we should be doing
wont’ walk away won’t walk out

singing i don’t expect a free ride no i don’t expect a free ride
cause they promise what they cannot provide
i don’t expect a free ride no i don’t expect

if you run up to the top without a place you can stop along the way
thinking that’s just what i need this time to say “i’m alright”
forever in our heads we’re selling stories to the same friends
we’re always giving it the good fight
i’d still take the long way if i could do it again tonight

where all our expectation won’t turn us down
all the things we could be doing
won’t walk away won’t walk out

so much more than you ever thought you could spare
‘cause sometimes small steps won’t get you there
it’d have to be so much more of a problem ‘til we care
but i thought it could change

so all this ambition don’t let me down
all the things I could be
oh my country where are you now
not quite where you said you’d be
all our expectations all turned around
automatic everything you could be doing
don’t walk away from it don’t walk out
you won’t let us down cause you’ll never get a free ride