Good To Me

stow away on a sinking ship
tell me that’s not overly tragic it’s true and so are you
addicted to and from this cursed search
maybe i never will but maybe i already do

won’t go away, and it will not be new
you’re tempted to tell me you told me so but you don’t you’ve grown up too
intriguing to me how she lets it go
maybe i already have or maybe i just don’t know how to

and if i don’t look for more
stars shooting across the earth are no good to me
because i won’t catch what falls anymore

oh my city, your chimney howling loud
convenience, congestion, in pushing for progress i keep falling down
it’s soot that we breathe, buy and sell
far as i can tell i say you make your own way out or you get made

maybe i like believing things will come true
until it push me down backwards and fold me in two,
revealing the good it can do
cause you can push right back and find that it’ll be good to you

and if you don’t look for more
then you won’t know for sure