used to be a feeling that you looked for
used to be sunlight would shine right through
but you cannot see your way through tear drops
cause everything looks different than before
and i can’t sing about you anymore

how long is worth waiting
when the clouds won’t open up or let you in
going home to a world sheltered safe and far away
how can i begin to catch my breath
when all i ever do is chase all that’s falling by faster

(you’re falling by faster
what would it matter
you’re falling by faster
for all that you’re after)

everything grows out of your control
you’re lost in all the things you’ll never know
oh everything grows out of your control
and you’re always going where i shouldn’t go

for all its worth if you’re falling forever
i never stand a chance
hard as i try
how could it be that bad to wait a while and why would you call it disaster
i don’t think window watchers are any different
i don’t think they know you’re falling by faster

well i won’t
cause i should have known
the things you think
they grow
they grow
so far out of your control
when your feeling that nobody has a way for you and there’s no where to go
well i said no break your heart i won’t
but the more i tried i realized it was broken long ago
you’re falling by faster

you’re falling by faster
what would it matter