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Songwriter / performer David Stein sings honest, original music. We’re talking well crafted songs with melodies you want to sing along with after hearing once – melodies that offer something new each time you listen.

David and his band bring elements of rock, jazz and folk wildly to life on stage. Their heart-felt performances offer moments of melodic crooning as well as full-force-in-your-face anthemic rock. When performing solo, his guitar styling can cover for a whole band, but David’s voice truly delivers the message.

For the past several years, David has been performing in coffee shops, clubs and colleges in the Mid-Atlantic region in preparation for the release of his debut album, tracked at MilkBoy Recording, near Philadelphia. He has road tested his material with extensive touring to a growing fan base from Boston, Massachusetts all the way to Austin, Texas. After laying down roots in Philadelphia, PA, David now considers Maryland home, where the word is spreading quickly about his music.

With his new full length debut record, Ordinary Over Epic, he has captured the energy and emotion that his songs deserve. As co-producer, along with Tim Sonnefeld, David has put down 12 cohesive and original tracks that will leave you wanting more.